it's not even set on mars

multiplayer notepad

  Posted May 11th 2007 by Dae

#sln @ c u thar m8s

Radio TaBB

  Posted March 18th 2007 by Dae

So you probably know I hang out a fair bit at the Truth and Beauty Bombs forums! They are for dudes who like DC and ASW and PBF and the rest of the good stuff. Well we just set up a radio station and today (Sunday) we've got scheduled shows going down $$

Check out the roster in the thread or click here to listen up! I'll be guesting on revfitz's show at 21:00 GMT and doing my own at 23:00. Later dudes!

  Posted March 5th 2007 by Dae

Announcing My Erection

  Posted February 22nd 2007 by Dae

so i am making a news post for you guys because let's face it

it's been a while

a lot has changed in the intervening months

we're different people now, there's no shirking it

i've changed

you've changed

we've moved on

and yeah barbados happened

like one seriously fucking picturesque cherry on the chelsea bun of our discontent

ok but i have shit for you like videos and stuff i haven't got it all publicly consumable right now but i'll probably get some edits in on this post in the next few days so sit pretty yo

I Am In Flavour Country

  Posted November 1st 2006 by PaPa

I expect that many of you, those with "lives" and suchlike, will have been out partying last night. Well, either that or Trick or Treating. Speaking of Trick or Treat, it seems like such a fucked up ritual these days. As far as I can see, the choice between tricking or treating is not decided by the one answering the door, but by the one soliciting an audience. Broadly, the "Treaters" are pre-teens out with the parents, typically wearing plastic masks and dustbin bags, accoutrements which are on some continents deemed terrifying, and the "Trickers" are 15-20 year old boys with an exaggerated belief in their own comic genius. What the fuck are the little kids and their parents going to do if someone says "Trick"? Jump up and down a bit? Murder the cat (unlikely)? No - the treaters have zero expectation of being denied confectionary. Similarly, what do the spotty teenagers who bought six months' supply of eggs before heading out do when the sweet old lady offers them a sugar mouse? Personally I'm suspicious as to whether they even ask the question in the first place - they're just out for some senseless vandalism, an act which they feel is somehow vindicated by the earth's current spatial co-ordinates. What kind of fucked up person prefers throwing eggs at windows to eating delicious candy anyway?

You may not have realised this, but the entire monologue above is in fact a wide digression from my subject. My actual intent was to write about The Secret Policeman's Ball, the Amnesty International associated comedy show that aired on Channel 4 last night. As I said, most of you were probably out getting drunk and laughing at how hilariously ironic each other's costumes were, meaning that you missed a consistently high-quality hour and a half of comedy. Starting with Eddie Izzard lambasting creationism and moving on to an interpretive dance performance of Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn', the show continued strong, including various famous British and (apparently) famous American talents. Doubtless the entire show will be available on DVD for all you socialites, and I greatly recommend at least renting it.

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