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  Posted June 15th 2008 by Dae

The ol' dame has been suffering from some glitches and whatnot, but after today's tarting up I'm hoping she's more or less back on form (in Firefox at least). If you could click around a bit and see what breaks that would be great.

ps leave a comment!

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if this were only a good album

  Posted June 15th 2008 by Dae

tried to find a youtube to link but all their songs suck :(

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  Posted May 30th 2008 by Dae

edinburgh is pretty today

  Posted January 28th 2008 by Dae

Stand and Deliver

  Posted January 26th 2008 by Dae

I'm on the radio tomorrow, 18:00-22:00 GMT, playing pop. When the time is ripe, click to listen.

edit: if you're interested

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