caravan of love

Guess Who\'s Coming to Dinner

  Posted March 12th 2008 by PaPa


I just ordered an NTSC copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and a PAL Wii Freeloader.

Wish me luck.

Laugh it up

  Posted February 25th 2008 by Badcore.

It is a fact well known to those who know it well that Cantlin's birthday was a time of much merriment and celebration. Fatboy really came through this year, offering what was without a doubt a twenty-first birthday party involving quality films.

Highlights include Paul finally passing to Cantlin a Zippo; an uncomfortable hunk of metal that he had been keeping up his ass for five long years, and me referring to Cantlin as fatboy, fathead, and various other terms that imply that he is so Goddamned fat.

He really is.

Swear to God.

Have a rockin' 21st year, Dae.

edinburgh is pretty today

  Posted January 28th 2008 by Dae

Stand and Deliver

  Posted January 26th 2008 by Dae

I'm on the radio tomorrow, 18:00-22:00 GMT, playing pop. When the time is ripe, click to listen.

edit: if you're interested

The Now Legendary Toot

  Posted January 22nd 2008 by Badcore.

Let it be known that I am now capable of talking the toot on the legendary Front Page of myth and legend. This is cause for much rejoicing and as such I announce that today, the 22nd of January, is now Thor Van Camp Day, and will be a national holiday. It is also now The Law that everybody shotgun at least six pints of lager over the course of the day.

I trust this will go down with The Man On The Street very well.

In other news Dae needs to stop being a fatboy and make a comments thing for this bizzle.

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