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Dynamic Like Your Mum

  Posted April 30th 2006 by Dae

Apologies to anyone who's visited the site over the last few days only to be greeted by a string of MySQL errors. SLN's been getting cleverer.

The words you are reading now are no commonplace concatenation of syllables, but summoned as deus ex machina: the portentous offspring of SLN's stillborn inner workings, animated by PHP black magic.

Our user system (independant of the forum) is now in place, featuring the ability to log both in and out. Hopefully within a couple of days there'll be a public profile to edit and the ability to upload certain kinds of content. Coming soonest will be the capacity to change the password the system gives you at registration.

At the risk of this sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech, I'd like to thank the excellent resource, which more than halved the time this took.


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