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pix pls

  Posted September 21st 2007 by Dae

i got bored opening an ftp client every time i wanted to upload a picture (too stubborn to use imageshack or fagbucket - what the hell is the point in having a website if you have to use other people's) so i got the img section going. go login and try it on for size

i offer this as further proof that sometimes i do things

Breakfast EP

  Posted September 3rd 2007 by Dae

It's been a while! The holidays have been pretty riotous, what with usual Suffolk fair, the festival here in Edinburgh (which we did better at than last year, thanks to Anna) and wild mind-expanding music making in the rural Scottish Borders. Angus and myself churned out enough bizarre little numbers for an EP of sorts. We're no longer simply cantlin & angus though, but British Organ, a name taken perhaps inexcusably from that of our favourite sound on the Korg MS2000. I was distressed to uncover no significant difference of design between organs British or otherwise. If you're particularly interested, you can hear the sound clean in track four of the EP, my limp little pop pastiche, or twiddled & dirtied on Good Friday, an old track not on the record.

So, uh, we now have a MySpace and everything? If you actually want to listen to the tunes though you should go ahead and download them in decent quality. We like feedback.

so guys

  Posted May 13th 2007 by Dae

we had some downtime recently it was fucking gay amirite

ps some of you guys still not on irc pretty disappointed ok

multiplayer notepad

  Posted May 11th 2007 by Dae

#sln @ c u thar m8s

Radio TaBB

  Posted March 18th 2007 by Dae

So you probably know I hang out a fair bit at the Truth and Beauty Bombs forums! They are for dudes who like DC and ASW and PBF and the rest of the good stuff. Well we just set up a radio station and today (Sunday) we've got scheduled shows going down $$

Check out the roster in the thread or click here to listen up! I'll be guesting on revfitz's show at 21:00 GMT and doing my own at 23:00. Later dudes!

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