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Pope Denies Homosexuality: Rumours Persist

  Posted May 14th 2007 by PaPa

Many of you may have heard, whilst some of you may not, which is why I'm writing this news post. Don't think about what I just said too much. Focus rather on this:

Saturday, May 19th: Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, Seoul.

Blizzard have officially confirmed that they will be announcing a new game on this portentious date. Rumours and speculation have been rife, with the most touted candidate being the long awaited Starcraft 2, a title that has me salivating at the mere thought of its glossy CD deigning to enter my humble PC. Other options include Diablo 3 (who cares), Warcraft 4 (pffff) and in the most disturbing instance, a Starcraft MMO. Whilst it is feasible that Blizzard would want to add another cash cow to their dairy, I would think that another of the same breed might sour the milk, so for myself I doubt this idea.

There is also the possibility that when Blizzard said that Ghost had been indefinitely delayed they were actually telling the truth instead of just avoiding saying flat-out cancelled, in which case Ghost may return to crush the hopes and dreams of gamers all over the world once again. currently displays a splash screen featuring a timeline of previous franchise releases - notably missing are any expansion packs and any of the classic Blizzard games. From the set up, it appears that each game in the timeline will be highlighted day-by-day until it's the turn of the '?' on the 19th.

For your future reference, Seoul is 8 hours ahead of British Summertime.

so guys

  Posted May 13th 2007 by Dae

we had some downtime recently it was fucking gay amirite

ps some of you guys still not on irc pretty disappointed ok

multiplayer notepad

  Posted May 11th 2007 by Dae

#sln @ c u thar m8s

Radio TaBB

  Posted March 18th 2007 by Dae

So you probably know I hang out a fair bit at the Truth and Beauty Bombs forums! They are for dudes who like DC and ASW and PBF and the rest of the good stuff. Well we just set up a radio station and today (Sunday) we've got scheduled shows going down $$

Check out the roster in the thread or click here to listen up! I'll be guesting on revfitz's show at 21:00 GMT and doing my own at 23:00. Later dudes!

  Posted March 5th 2007 by Dae

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